Month: October 2014

Ohio Pi Fall 2014 Camping Retreat

During the weekend of October 24th-26th all the members of Sigma Phi Epsilon- OH Pi took their Fall semester retreat. This retreat is a regularly scheduled event where brothers teach pledges about the fraternity on a deeper level and what it means to them to be a SigEp. On this retreat, various team-building activities were led by Brother Tyler Rose and Alumnus Sean Curtis. These activities really helped the group open up and think outside the box when trying to accomplish different goals. There were also many activities to help the pledges and brothers bond with each other, helping build the ideal brotherhood.

Members of the OH Pi Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon at their camping retreat.
Members of the OH Pi Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon at their camping retreat.

Besides team-building, this weekend is also meant to build trust among the brothers and pledges so that one day when the pledges become brothers they too can share that close bond of friendship. After this weekend a lot of the pledge’s decision to rush SigEp was reaffirmed. Pledge Drew Peters stated “This short three day trip has helped me find my family for the next four years and life after college. I know that these guys will guide me along the pathway to success. They will be there for me through both the ups and the downs. I can’t wait to become a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon.” Even some brothers were greatly impacted throughout the weekend like Brother Will Krueger was; “Over the weekend I was reminded of the great men I have surrounded myself with. I truly feel I have the greatest chance of succeeding in life with them at my side. I have learned a lot about my fellow SigEp members and have grown closer to each and every one of them during this retreat.”

Overall the weekend was a great and could not have gone any better. We must thank both Brother Carl Braunschweiger and Brother Corban Robinson for all the work they put into this weekend.

Life After College

Brothers Cody Butz, Nicholas Lovensheimer, Will Krueger, Tyler Rose, Colin Gutridge, Gavin Doll, Caleb Hemmelgarn, and Mark Butler had the opportunity to spend a weekend in Detroit, MI at the DoubleTree Suites Hotel downtown attending Sigma Phi Epsilon’s annual Life After College.

Brothers at Life after College
Brothers Nicholas Lovensheimer, Caleb Hemmelgarn, Colin Gutridge, Gavin Doll, Mark Butler, Will Krueger, Tyler Rose, and Cody Butz (Left to Right) at Life after College.

Life After College is a two-day leadership event designed to give members of SigEp the life skills and career insights you need for post-collegiate success. Alumni, volunteers, local business leaders and human resource professionals led group coaching and one-on-one mentoring sessions. The weekend wrapped up with a SigEp-exclusive career fair where members had the chance to put their networking skills into action, learn about specific industries and company cultures, and meet with potential employers.

The members of Ohio Pi that attended this prestigious events learned several new things that helped them become more Diligent and Virtuous. Some of the things the members did were attend Resume workshops that allowed the members learn how to make their resume stand out above others. There were also workshops on Self Ownership and Branding, interview Skills, Personal Finance, and Social Media. Other notable events include a presentation from Brooks Brothers on dressing for success and an interactive etiquette lunch.

Sigma Phi Epsilon mourns the loss of Clemson student Tucker Hipps

SigEp logo
Sigma Phi Epsilon is saddened to learn about the death of Clemson student Tucker Hipps. Hipps was a sophomore at the university and a member of SigEp’s Clemson chapter.

A representative from the Fraternity’s national office arrived at Clemson on Monday evening and is working with the university to ensure that members of the chapter receive the support and counseling they need during this difficult time.

Fraternity CEO Brian Warren said in a statement Tuesday, “This is a time for mourning, and our hearts and prayers are with the Hipps family.”

The Fraternity is aware of allegations being made through social media that the death was in some way linked to hazing. SigEp has a zero tolerance policy regarding hazing and is currently investigating these claims.

Warren responded to the allegations of hazing saying, “We’ve lost the life of a young man, a life that was taken way too soon. There are a lot of people who are hurting right now, and that’s our number one priority at the moment. But if foul play was involved in any way, Tucker’s fraternity will do everything it can to see that those responsible are brought to justice.”

At this time, the national office has asked the chapter to suspend all scheduled programming to focus on supporting those close to Tucker Hipps.