SigEps Got Talent Application

The Sigma Phi Epsilon Ohio Pi Fraternity invites you to apply for SigEp’s Got Talent. This event is a way to show off any talent you have and is open to all Wright State University Students. Please complete the following application, and email a video audition of your talent along with a list of any props you will need to Vice President of Programming, Dylan Steinke at The event will be held on March 26th.

Basic Information



Phone Number



Props, Audio, Video needed?

Sponsor (Optional)

Extended Response

Please write a brief bio to appear in the program and for the emcee’s use (to include your age, where you are from, your year in school, major, on campus activities, leadership positions and general interests)


  1. Remember that this event will be in the Apollo room of the Student Union which is accessible to the public. Please dress accordingly!
  2. Remember to submit your video audition, bio, and payment with this application.
  3. There is a $20 entry fee required in order to participate. It is encouraged for you to get sponsored, but not required. Payment can be cash or check (checks can be made payable to Sigma Phi Epsilon).
  4. If there is any problems with submitting a video, please contact Dylan Steinke at or Cameron Moon at
  5. We are looking for talents to be no longer than 15 minutes.

Note: We will select candidates with a selection committee. We are looking for around 15-20 participants, but this is subject to change. Unfortunately, with the time constraints of the event everyone who applies may not be accepted if there is a high number of applications. Candidates will be notified if/when selected and will be invited to attended an informative meeting to discussion event proceeding.

Winners and Prizes:

Winner                      –                 $100.00 Gift Card / Trophy

1st Runner-up          –                 $50.00 Gift Card / Trophy

2nd Runner-up        –                 $25.00 Gift Card / Trophy