Welcome Alumni.

With over 230,000 national alumni and 450+ local alumni spread out across the world, you never know when you’ll meet another SigEp in the work place, on a plane, or in your neighborhood. As soon as you make that connection, the unfamiliarity disappears and you discover quickly how much you share in common.

DucalCrownThe approximately 450 living alumni of Ohio Pi are a very diverse group of men. They are leaders in business, medicine, government, academia, entertainment and the military. They are also dedicated husbands, fathers, sons and active members of communities across the country. However, diverse these men, they all share a special place in their hearts for SigEp.

At 314 campuses across the United States and Canada, your Brothers are more numerous than ever. Whether five years ago or fifty, think back to the opportunities SigEp gave you during your undergraduate years, not to mention the fellowship and enjoyment. There are still many ways to stay involved and ensure that the gift of SigEp will be enjoyed by generations to come.

Membership in Sigma Phi Epsilon carries a lifetime responsibility of brotherhood, and the alumni experience is one of the most enjoyable aspects of being a brother. While college passes by quickly, brothers have the rest of their lives to share in the SigEp experience, stay connected and remain involved.

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Welcome Parents.

Brother Will Krueger and his mother Cheryl Stuart attending the Wright State Rise Shine fundraising campaign opener.

All parents want their son to have a great experience at college. Whether your son attends school across town or across the country, you can feel safe knowing that SigEp is his home away from home. Read our Parents Guide.

SigEp is proud to stand up against fraternity stereotypes and offer an experience that allows members to develop life skills that are not usually offered within the classroom.

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