Blake Baldwin

Blake Baldwin


Hometown: Dayton, OH
Family: Shield

About Me

What are your goals/plans after college?

After college I plan on getting a full time job and after a few years of working and saving that money I will be able to buy a house, car, etc.

What is your favorite SigEp memory?

As of right now, I think meeting all of the brothers and my fellow sigmas has been an awesome experience because it's nice to be able to count on people going through the same experience and also who have already done so. I'm sure once I participate in big events I will have much more memories.

Why did you join/rush SigEp?

I rushed because I thought being a part of Sigma Phi Epsilon would give me the connections I wanted with new people and the outside world. Also, I believe that being a part of this fraternity would help better myself as a person and I want people to look up to me when they know I was a part of this great organization and how we helped so many other people.

What do you like to do in your free time?

When I have free time, I like to just hangout with friends and play basketball. However, school usually keeps me busy.

Are you involved in any other organizations besides Sigma Phi Epsilon?

I am not currently involved in any other organizations at Wright State but I have been looking around at different clubs that relate to my major.

How do you practice a sound mind / sound body?

I practice having a sound mind by being alone sometimes to gather your thoughts but being alone all the time can lead to over thinking which can lead to stress so I think being around friends and laughing with them is a great way to practice. I practice having a sound body by participating in basketball which keeps me active and also running to keep your body in shape.