Gavin Doll

Gavin Doll


Position: Chaplain
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Dayton, OH
Family: Sword
Initiation Date: 01-10-2014

About Me

What are your goals/plans after college?

Get a job specializing in small business growth relating to finances, operations, and marketing.

What is your favorite SigEp memory?

Brotherhood Week before initiation.

Why did you join/rush SigEp?

I joined SigEp because I wanted to join a fraternity with great values, networking opportunities, and professional development. After researching all my options, SigEp stood out far beyond other fraternities, and it has proven to be an even better experience than I had hoped.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Play sports, network and meet people, hang out with friends, play video games, work out

Are you involved in any other organizations besides Sigma Phi Epsilon?

Student Government, Finance Club

How do you practice a sound mind / sound body?

I always set aside time for studying, networking, professional development, working out, playing sports, and other opportunities to continuously develop a sound mind and body.