Tanner Higgins

Tanner Higgins


Year: Senior
Hometown: Washington Courthouse, OH
Family: Sword

About Me

What are your goals/plans after college?

My plans for after college is to attend grad school and be in the beginning of my career.

What is your favorite SigEp memory?

My favorite memory so far was definitely Brotherhood weekend.

Why did you join/rush SigEp?

I joined sigep because i believe sigep is the best chapter at wright state with the best standards.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to workout, play golf, and hang out with friends.

Are you involved in any other organizations besides Sigma Phi Epsilon?

I am currently looking around, and trying to become more involved.

How do you practice a sound mind / sound body?

I practice a sound mind by keeping up with my school work and setting my standards high. I practice a sound body by being active which consist of intramural sports and weight lifting.