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Ohio Pi mourns loss of Brother

Pictured is Brother Garber sitting on his motorcycle, something he talked about very often.

On Sunday, March 15, 2015, the Ohio Pi chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon held a celebration of life for our late brother, Jeff Garber, who passed away on February 11, 2015. Jeff served two tours in Iraq in the United States Navy; after returning, he enrolled at Wright State University majoring in nursing where he was in his sophomore year. Outside of school and SigEp, Jeff was passionate about motorcycles, playing guitar, and many other things.

First, we would like to thank everyone in attendance for all of the support. At the celebration, the family was presented with a set of letters from the chapter, a copy of our Lifetime Responsibility of Brotherhood signed by the members of our chapter, and Jeff’s shingle and certificate of membership. Ryan Fahncke, Ohio Pi’s AVC President, thanked Brother Garber’s family for his service to our country and presented them with the book Our journey of brotherhood: Sigma Phi Epsilon’s first hundred years on behalf of the Chapter Alumni. However, the most valuable thing presented to the family was not a material possession—it was the countless memories of Brother Garber shared by the members of our chapter.

RIP Brother Garber

2014 Fall Semester Recap

Another fall semester has come and gone for Wright State University and the Ohio Pi chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon. The brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon and many other organizations on campus saw this past fall as a very prevalent and impactful period to make a difference both at home, at Wright State University, and for others abroad. From the first day of fall classes until the end of the fall semester, the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon Ohio Pi participated in various activities and volunteer events throughout the Greater Dayton area, showing their determination to grow in brotherhood while improving the lives of others in the process.

It didn’t take long for the brothers to start making a difference this last fall through their various volunteer efforts. On August 21, many of the brothers volunteered for WSU Move in Day, in which they helped new students at Wright State to move into their Residential Communities for the beginning of the fall semester. During these initial weeks of the fall semester, the chapter also worked alongside UAB and FSGC organizations on campus and had a cookout in the University’s Quad for students, grilling food and talking to students about the different opportunities provided by the various organizations on Wright State’s campus.

Throughout the beginning of the fall, the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon also volunteered on several occasions as members of the chain gang for the Wright State University Club Football Team, in which they worked as linesman to assist the officials during home games. On September 27, a large group of the brothers volunteered to set up for the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk/5K at Fifth Third Field, in downtown Dayton. During this period, brothers set up tables and tents for registration for the event and worked as parking directors at surrounding lots prior to the event kickoff. These, alongside many other volunteer efforts, helped the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon Ohio Pi to make a difference in the surrounding community while building their bonds of brotherhood in the process.

Brothers participate in the Big Brothers Big Sisters and raise $714 for the Sigma Phi Epsilon national philanthropy.

The volunteer efforts of the Ohio Pi chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon are not the only impressive impacts of the chapter during the fall of 2014. The brothers participated in many philanthropy events throughout the fall helping to raise money for different organizations and charities. Early on in the fall, the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon helped to raise money for Ally’s Army, a charity that benefits Leukemia research, by selling tickets to a Wright State men’s home soccer game. The brothers raised $120.00 individually, and the Greek organizations on campus helped to donate a total of $2300.00 to Ally’s Army. The brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon also sold tickets for another Men’s home soccer game later in the fall on October 15, in which they raised a total of $714.00 that was donated to Big Brother Big Sisters, the chapter’s main philanthropy organization.

Perhaps the biggest impact the brothers had during the fall was their participation in Raiderthon, an annual dance marathon put on at Wright State University which raises money for Dayton Children’s Medical Center. The brothers teamed up with several other Wright State students and organizations this fall and helped to raise a grand total of $61,018.89!

Recruitment Picture
Dodgeball recruitment event that helped bring 15 new pledges to the chapter in 2014.

This fall was also a success in the recruitment of new members. Under the leadership of Vice President of Recruitment Tyler Shaw, interested new members had the opportunity to participate in many Rush events, including; Kickball, Basketball, Capture the Flag, and many more. During these events, potential new members had the opportunity to meet the brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon and learn more about the fraternity and its values. After many weeks of bonding and communication, selected members received a bid from the fraternity. Upon accepting a bid, 15 men began their process of becoming a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon.

During this process, the pledged members participated in various activities that helped to strengthen their knowledge of the fraternity and of the values to be expected as a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Events such as EDGE and LAC (Life after College), helped to educate both current and future brothers on the expectations and standards of a brother. Those who attended these events said that they were extremely eye opening and helped to present life skills such as networking, communication, responsibility, and career insights which will continue to help in development in the future. The brothers also attended a weekend camping trip in November in which they participated in several different group activities which strengthened the bond of brotherhood among all members of the chapter.

Through communication and teamwork, values such as honesty and trust were strengthened among the brothers. The pledging members also participated in many physical activities with the brothers during the fall such as Football FrenXi, a flag football tournament put on by Alpha Xi Delta Sorority, and a volleyball tournament with Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity and Delta Zeta Sorority. The fall semester came to a close with the addition of 13 new brothers to the Ohio Pi Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon. We look forward to seeing what great things the chapter will do in the 2015 spring semester.

If you have any questions about the chapter, or would like to get in contact with the chapter feel free to email

Article written by brother Andrew Peters.

Big Brothers Big Sisters

In 2013, the Grand Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon selected a new national philanthropy: Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. The organization, celebrating 110 years of successful community service, focuses on pairing young children from all backgrounds with members of the local community to serve as mentors, or the more popular title, “Bigs.” The brothers of the Ohio Pi chapter, recognizing the significance this organization plays in the community, were nothing less than excited to host an event to both raise funds and awareness of BBBS on Wright State University’s campus. The members, led by brothers Mark Butler, Will Krueger, Dylan Steinke, and Jake Todd collaborated with the Wright State men’s soccer team to plan a philanthropy game supporting BBBS on October 15th. In addition to ticket sales a 50/50 raffle was conducted at the game to raise more funds.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Sigma Phi Epsilon
Brothers give a $714 check to the CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami Valley Joseph Radelet.

After weeks spent promoting the game and diligently selling tickets, the Ohio Pi chapter can proudly call the game a success. Although the men’s soccer team did not fare as well with a 1-3 loss, the game was attended by a large crowd of students, alumni, and members of the community who helped raise a total of $714. The CEO of the Dayton BBBS agency, Joseph Radelet, came personally to a chapter meeting to accept the raised money and not only thanked the men and leadership of Ohio Pi, but also voiced enthusiasm for future endeavors and collaboration between the two organizations. Mr. Radelet left that night expressing a high level of respect towards the members of Sigma Phi Epsilon, but not before leaving the chapter with the encouraging words that any organization founded and living out the principle of love so often in their lives can accomplish anything.

SigEp Edge Fall 2014

Every semester, Sigma Phi Epsilon headquarters puts on their leadership event titled EDGE.  EDGE is a high-energy overnight program that offers SigEp’s newest members the type of outside-the-classroom education that is hard to find at most colleges and universities.  Members of chapters from Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia attended this years event.  Our chapter sent 10 pledges and 4 brothers to Oregonia, OH.  EDGE provided all in attendance the opportunity to learn more about SigEp, leadership, values, and manning up.  Brother Jared Rex said, “EDGE provided me the opportunity to further my knowledge about Sigma Phi Epsilon while exploring my own values.”  Members also took the opportunity to get to know the men from other chapters, an experience that will never be forgotten.  Brother Tyler Rose said, “EDGE is the type of leadership event that separates Sigma Phi Epsilon from all other fraternities.”

We would also like to give a special shout-out to Brother Gavin Doll who served as an exceptional facilitator for the event.

Ohio Pi Fall 2014 Camping Retreat

During the weekend of October 24th-26th all the members of Sigma Phi Epsilon- OH Pi took their Fall semester retreat. This retreat is a regularly scheduled event where brothers teach pledges about the fraternity on a deeper level and what it means to them to be a SigEp. On this retreat, various team-building activities were led by Brother Tyler Rose and Alumnus Sean Curtis. These activities really helped the group open up and think outside the box when trying to accomplish different goals. There were also many activities to help the pledges and brothers bond with each other, helping build the ideal brotherhood.

Members of the OH Pi Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon at their camping retreat.
Members of the OH Pi Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon at their camping retreat.

Besides team-building, this weekend is also meant to build trust among the brothers and pledges so that one day when the pledges become brothers they too can share that close bond of friendship. After this weekend a lot of the pledge’s decision to rush SigEp was reaffirmed. Pledge Drew Peters stated “This short three day trip has helped me find my family for the next four years and life after college. I know that these guys will guide me along the pathway to success. They will be there for me through both the ups and the downs. I can’t wait to become a brother of Sigma Phi Epsilon.” Even some brothers were greatly impacted throughout the weekend like Brother Will Krueger was; “Over the weekend I was reminded of the great men I have surrounded myself with. I truly feel I have the greatest chance of succeeding in life with them at my side. I have learned a lot about my fellow SigEp members and have grown closer to each and every one of them during this retreat.”

Overall the weekend was a great and could not have gone any better. We must thank both Brother Carl Braunschweiger and Brother Corban Robinson for all the work they put into this weekend.

Life After College

Brothers Cody Butz, Nicholas Lovensheimer, Will Krueger, Tyler Rose, Colin Gutridge, Gavin Doll, Caleb Hemmelgarn, and Mark Butler had the opportunity to spend a weekend in Detroit, MI at the DoubleTree Suites Hotel downtown attending Sigma Phi Epsilon’s annual Life After College.

Brothers at Life after College
Brothers Nicholas Lovensheimer, Caleb Hemmelgarn, Colin Gutridge, Gavin Doll, Mark Butler, Will Krueger, Tyler Rose, and Cody Butz (Left to Right) at Life after College.

Life After College is a two-day leadership event designed to give members of SigEp the life skills and career insights you need for post-collegiate success. Alumni, volunteers, local business leaders and human resource professionals led group coaching and one-on-one mentoring sessions. The weekend wrapped up with a SigEp-exclusive career fair where members had the chance to put their networking skills into action, learn about specific industries and company cultures, and meet with potential employers.

The members of Ohio Pi that attended this prestigious events learned several new things that helped them become more Diligent and Virtuous. Some of the things the members did were attend Resume workshops that allowed the members learn how to make their resume stand out above others. There were also workshops on Self Ownership and Branding, interview Skills, Personal Finance, and Social Media. Other notable events include a presentation from Brooks Brothers on dressing for success and an interactive etiquette lunch.

Sigma Phi Epsilon mourns the loss of Clemson student Tucker Hipps

SigEp logo
Sigma Phi Epsilon is saddened to learn about the death of Clemson student Tucker Hipps. Hipps was a sophomore at the university and a member of SigEp’s Clemson chapter.

A representative from the Fraternity’s national office arrived at Clemson on Monday evening and is working with the university to ensure that members of the chapter receive the support and counseling they need during this difficult time.

Fraternity CEO Brian Warren said in a statement Tuesday, “This is a time for mourning, and our hearts and prayers are with the Hipps family.”

The Fraternity is aware of allegations being made through social media that the death was in some way linked to hazing. SigEp has a zero tolerance policy regarding hazing and is currently investigating these claims.

Warren responded to the allegations of hazing saying, “We’ve lost the life of a young man, a life that was taken way too soon. There are a lot of people who are hurting right now, and that’s our number one priority at the moment. But if foul play was involved in any way, Tucker’s fraternity will do everything it can to see that those responsible are brought to justice.”

At this time, the national office has asked the chapter to suspend all scheduled programming to focus on supporting those close to Tucker Hipps.

Sigma Phi Epsilon attacks AXiD Football Frenxi

On September 20th, 2014 SigEp springs into action participating in Alpha Xi Delta’s annual football frenxi. Football Frenxi is a philanthropy event for autism speaks that raised over $600 dollars last year! After coming home with the trophy last year we were very excited to supply two of our very own teams this year! SigEp Rangers was the first team to play and had an impressive win over Phi Kappa Tau 60 – 0.

Jason Moorman and Orrin Arnsdorf were the two quarterbacks that lead the team to victory passing to many talented brothers. SigEp Blue then took the field in hopes of defeating Phi Sigma Phi where a depressing loss was suffered 45 – 0. In the championship game the SigEp Rangers were ever so close to repeating back to back. But do to an injury in the game of SigEp Blue sending one of our PNMS to the hospital, the quarterback Jason Moorman could not participate, Orrin Arnsdorf, took the lead to the team.

Orrin had many impressive throws but in the end it was not good enough. Phi Sigma Phi had two quick scored touchdowns at the end of the game putting them over SigEp Rangers 35-28. Overall the Rangers took home second place and a $100 gift card to Chipotle. Thank you to everyone who participated in helping Autism speaks and this great philanthropy event. Next year SigEp will be coming back stronger to reclaim their number one spot!

Team Red included Jared Rex, Will Kreuger, Lee Myers, Cameron Moon, Michael Giesege, Derek Faulkner, and Colin Gutridge. Teamates for SigEp Blue Included Caleb Hemmelgarn, Tyler Shaw, Drew Peters, Brian Boos, Dylan Stienke, Tanner Higgins.

Ally’s Army Mens Soccer Game

On the 19th of September, Greek life hosted Ally’s Army Men’s Soccer Game, a collaboration with the Men’s Soccer to raise money for local kids with Leukemia and Lymphoma. To help raise money the fraternities and Sororities created cupcakes to sell at the event held at the Wright State University soccer field.

With the help of Greek life, the community raised $2300, SigEp raising $120 of the total sum. Congratulations to everyone involved in this fundraiser and SigEp would like to personally thank Starbucks for their donations for their cups that were used in the design of the cupcakes.